8 Best Foods to eat when feeling sick

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Eating the right foods is very important in general. When you’re sick, pay extra attention to consuming your food.

What to consider when feeling sick.

When I’m feeling sick because I might got the flu or cold, I try to stay focused on my daily tasks and ignore any symptoms. If you surrender yourself to the sickness, it will make you less energetic throughout your day. I try going to bed early, and try sleeping for at least 6 hours (most will say 8 hours, but see what fits you).

If I wake up sweating, this may happen for a couple of reasons.

For me this means my body is doing his job fighting the sickness. After I wake up I take a nice hot shower and reset my mind and body to prepare for my day.

Also, keep in mind when you’re sick, you may find it hard to develop an appetite. However, it’s very crucial to receive your vitamins and stay hydrated, especially when you’re feeling sick/unwell.

1 Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is a good choice if you’re fighting the flu or cold. It’s a better choice than cough and cold medicines sold over the counter. It ensures that you do not dry out, and works the bad substances out of your body faster.

2 Honey

If you have a sore throat caused by a bacterial infection, honey may help clear these infections.

It is easy as mixing two tablespoons of honey with a warm glass of water or tea. It’s also recommended using honey if you have a cough along your sore throat.

3 Garlic

Garlic is known to provide multiple health benefits and widely being used as a flavoring in cooking. Garlic may work as an antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal. People in many countries have been using garlic for medical purposes since it can be used both raw and cooked.

4 Ginger

Ginger is best known for its anti-nausea effects. It has also been shown to help reducing nausea related to cancer or pregnancy. It is also known as a very powerful antioxidant.

You may use ginger in cooking or mix it with hot tea. Just be sure you’re using real ginger and no flavor.

5 Fruits

Apples for instance are the most popular source of antioxidants. One apple contains a medium amount of vitamins. Keep in mind for adults, the recommended daily amount of vitamin C is 65 to 90 mg. You know what they say… one apple a day, keeps the doctors away!

Bananas are also a good alternative when it comes to eating vegetables for curing your sickness.

6 Coconut Water

Hydration when sick is very important and must be kept in mind. Coconut water contains glucose and electrolytes needed for re-hydration. When suffering from the flu or cold, the body uses liquids, which makes Coconut water ideal for re-hydration. It also contains other antioxidants, calcium, and zinc.

7 Fish

It’s recommended consuming fish every now and then because of the major health benefits. Salmon, for example, contains a lot of protein which will help recover faster from the flu or cold. Vitamin D is also part of the salmon nutrients. So if you’re home all day, it will not do you any bad eating some salmon and bringing the sun in your living room!

8 Yogurt

Eating yogurt may help to fight off the flu. Yogurt is a good source of protein and calcium. When eating yogurt cold, it may help relieve a sore throat. There are many kinds of yogurts with added sugars and flavors. I understand these will be the first choice of most people. But if you’re taking yogurt for medical purposes, like fighting the flu, I recommend staying away from sugars and added flavors.

Yogurt may also serve as a probiotic and may help both adults and children getting cold less often.


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