Finding Motivation to Run

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Running is of course a great way to exercise for a couple of reasons.

Which include:

1. Overall Mental Health.
2. Prevent high blood pressure.
3. Strengthen your joints.
4. Killer leg workout.

Nice as a cardio exercise, social exercise and it’s free. So put on your running shoes and start improving your health!

I don’t get motivated at all

You might live a busy life and that can make it tough to achieve these goals. For beginners it can be very challenging but you need to accept it. The hardest to start with is getting out of the house. Once you leave the house and start running, you will be amazed how stress relieving you feel. Ask your partner or friend to come along as it may motivate you both.

Do I need supplements.

Unless you got specific reasons like weight loss, I don’t recommend taking any supplements.

I want to lose weight

First, try running on in the morning on an empty stomach. Do this regularly and you will definitely lose weight (as long as you keep the daily calories low). Keep in mind if you go running in the morning, take a bottle of water with you and stay hydrated all times. Especially when you’re running on an empty stomach. I believe running on an empty stomach will differ per person. Some will underestimate it and force himself to muscle loss because the body has nothing else to burn for energy. So prepare with maybe a light smoothie for a better running experience.


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