How to Get Bigger Arms Fast at Home

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Bicep and Tricep workout for bigger arms

The biceps and triceps consist (like any muscle) of type I and type II muscle fibers and respond to strenuous exercise. Think of six to ten repetitions.

The term “biceps” comes from Latin, it means “two-headed.” It is, therefore, a muscle that consists of two heads. There are two of those two-headed muscles in your body. One in your arm, the “biceps brachii,” and one in your leg, the “biceps femoris.”

I have collected some exercises I want to share with you. These workouts are a perfect combination of triceps and biceps exercises, which will seriously increase your arms size.

You want to get bigger arms fast but don’t have the option to go to a nearby fitness center? You are not alone. Training at home has been a strongly rising topic in recent years. More people are discovering that you can raise the training bar very high with your own body weight. Rightly so!

You will have to purchase new t-shirts soon, so start saving your money!

1 Dips

Dips may sound familiar to many, It is an indispensable exercise when it comes to muscle development.

Dips are actually a great way to train a number of muscles: your chest, shoulders, and of course your triceps. One of my favorites, you can use a dip rack, but in the absence of a dip rack, you can also balance on 2 stable objects. You may use two bar stools or the corner of your kitchen.

2 Bench Dips

Compared to normal dips, you only need a single table item with bench dips. For example a chair or an actual bench. This exercise does not require your arms next to your body like regular dips. I have added a video for you folks to get a better picture.

The next exercise will require additional training material.

3 Dumbbell Curls

The Dumbbell Curl is loved most when it comes to Getting Bigger Arms. The Dumbbell Curl can be done in many ways which include standing or sitting. Position of your palms, wide or small.

  1. Grab your Dumbbells.
  2. Stand straight. If you have difficulties standing straight, you may stand flat against a wall.
  3. Put your feet flat on the floor with your feet shoulder-width apart
  4. Hold the Dumbbells in both hands. And start with both hands down next to your body.
  5. Bring one hand forward with the inside of your fist facing your face. Continue curling the Dumbbell towards your shoulders.
  6. Pause
  7. Lower the Dumbbell slowly to the position where you first started.
  8. The moment you hit the start position with the first Dumbbell, repeat the same for the other arm.

If you’re a beginner and this is perhaps the first time curling, try doing 3 sets and start the first set with 15 reps, 13 reps and at third set 11 reps.

If you are unable to reach 15 reps the first set, lower the weight of your Dumbbells. You need to start feeling your biceps burning, then you know you’re doing it right.

These are sets per arm.


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