5 Proven Exercises at Home For a Bigger Chest

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Getting a bigger chest requires some decent training. Luckily we can do these exercise at home without needing any equipment. There are many exercises. I have collected some of the exercise I think is best to do at home.

Never forget: Quality push-ups above quantity.

1 Push-ups: Regular

Everyone knows regular push ups. A few inches from the ground, body straight, pushing yourself downward and upward. Most people forget how to do push-ups properly though.

Regular push-ups is the classic bodyweight exercise to start with as well for maintaining your body. Make sure to keep your back straight and use a wide grip, so align your arms and hands with your shoulders as shown in the image above.

Regular push-ups are also good for:

Building upper body strength.
Stretching your muscles, mostly biceps and back muscles.
Improving your posture.

incline pushups
2 Push-ups: Incline

Incline push-ups are like regular push-ups but in an elevated form. This exercise still targets the upper body but reduces the amount of body weight you are lifting. This focuses us more on the lower-chest area.

decline pushups
3 Push-ups: Decline

Decline push-ups are also like regular push-ups but this time we focus on the upper-chest area. You place your feet high and push yourself up and down just like regular and incline push-ups. The higher you place your feet, the harder the exercise will be. Use different push-up styles to focus on specific muscle areas for better results.

dips on a couch for bigger chest
4 Dips

Dips are compound exercises where you activate multiple muscles including your chest. Leaning the torso forward, during dips, the upper body is not supported by the bench and the feet are off the ground. Dipping requires more strength as it activates more muscle groups. This makes dipping great for building mass.

Here a video demonstrating proper form for dips

5 Bench Press / Dumbell Press (requires dumbells)

Bench pressing is one of the most populair exercises for building a strong and bigger chest. It also belongs to the compound exercises.

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