How to Sleep Faster and Better

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Why and How To Sleep Faster and Better

Everybody feels better after a good night’s sleep. So it’s pretty obvious we need sleep to maintain our body and mind. But how can we sleep faster with all the distractions and thoughts? And how can we sleep better and recover faster?

How much sleep do you need

How much sleep do you need?

How much sleep you need depends on your age and daily activities. Let us not turn around the fact, that an adult, requires 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night, to function properly. A construction worker will require more sleep, than an office employee, who works for 6 hours a day.

Some people talk about the “Elite Sleepers”, that only require 3 hours of sleep per night. And still functioning like any other human who has slept for 7 to 8 hours. I believe this is not true.

You can let your body get used to sleeping for a few hours a day, your body will probably accept that. And if you’re lucky, you will not notice any defects concerning your body and mind. And keep doing your daily activities and stuff. But don’t be fooled!

How do you sleep faster?

Ensure you did enough relaxation during the day.

An empty and peaceful mind is the key to sleep faster. If for example, you’re working behind a desk and do a minimum amount of exercise during the day, you will require to do some additional workout. This extra workout will surely help you sleep faster. Going running after dinner and 2 hours before going to bed will also do the job.

A warm shower before going to bed will also help relax your body and muscles.

Most important is the be relaxed in your mind. Don’t think about the things you cannot fix that moment.

Always keep in mind we tend to overthink our selves. Do not overthink.

Sleeping better and quality

How do you sleep better?

If you want to sleep better you need to make sure you’re sleeping 7 to 8 hours. If you cannot sleep for 7 to 8 hours, try 6 :).

Be sure you have a comfortable bed to sleep on. Your pillow. Stay hydrated during the day so your body has enough fluid at night.

Eat healthy during the day. Get enough proteins, vitamins, and minerals. This will help you sleep better and help your body recover faster.

If you try these steps you will surely notice some difference.


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